#redthumbforlove & in support: @KRISellaneous

This post has a few layers, but the main theme revolves around a dear friend of mine, Kristina Eisenhower. The layers relate to today being her 52nd birthday, and her red-painted thumb.

There is one birthday gift I would love to give her, but I can’t. This gift has to come from you. I’ll explain in a bit. It’ll become clear after I share the story of her #redthumbforlove.

Whenever I hear about teachers who have painted their thumb red (click here to learn why), I always ask them to send me a picture so I can add it to the Red Thumbs Around the World collection. To my delight, Kristina enthusiastically sent a few shots along with an explanation. In pure Krisellaneous style (this name will also become clear), her explanation pointed to two beautiful layers of care:

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am into painted nails and doing my own nail art. I love sporting designs that are meaningful to me, or project my passions or show support for other endeavors and individuals.  So, in this month of June, I am giving 2 thumbs up — one bright rainbow for Gay Pride Month, and one solid shiny red for #redthumbforlove support!  As for me personally, I am about to embark on a new manner of sharing information or knowledge that is very different from my traditional role as a classroom teacher.  So, not only did I paint my right thumb red for love, I painted 7 other fingernails and 8 toenails red to bring me 15 times more self-compassion! In case you’re doing the math here, I DO have all my fingers and toes. It’s just that my two big toenails are also waving the rainbow flag, as well as my right ring finger.  So, four digits are down for the LBGT community, and the rest are REDdy for LOVE!

This woman is all about support! For her birthday, I would love to support her right back. Here’s my idea.

Today Kristina begins her “new manner of sharing information or knowledge”, which she just unveiled as “The Experience Expedition”. I am very excited about her Expedition as it is a celebration of life and I think we can always use more celebration in our lives. You can read more about her project via her blog, KRISellaneous.

The name of her blog aptly points the miscellaneous experiences she describes for her audience. But there is another notable element about her blog: it is an example of self-care. Kristina writes about what matters to her and what brings her joy. Via her writing, she attends to her passions. I think one part of self-care is taking the time to honour and cherish our lives. KRISellaneous supports this idea.

And now for the birthday gift. I have a request for you, dear reader. And please know I have no expectations in making this request. I am grateful for whatever way you choose to respond. If it connects to you, the gift I would love to give Kristina is your subscription to her blog (sign up here). I am confident this will be a space for you to rest, and relax when you need a little break from the classroom. If you enjoy what you see there, you may also want to follow her self-care filled Instagram feedher Twitter account, or her Facebook page.

Thank you for taking my request into consideration. But most importantly, thank you for your support. :)

Happy Birthday Kristina!