Taking that leap

Here is a post I wrote on my blog “Throwing Back Tokens” about the leap I took in starting a compassionate communication (self-compassion included) discussion group with English teachers in Daegu, South Korea this last semester.


The beginning of the #redthumbforlove project

“Teaching can be a lonely profession. Often, we don’t have anyone to turn to who understands the challenges we face. Self-care may be the only strategy we can turn to when the job gets too hard. When you feel overwhelmed, this little self-compassion reminder may just be the thing to bring you a little ease. Each time you look at your coloured nail, check your state of mind to see if you’re in your old pattern of blame or shame, and remember that you are doing the best you can at that moment. Acknowledge what you are feeling: don’t push it away and don’t dwell in it. Just feel it.”

Read the rest of the post, Teacher Self-Compassion #RedThumbForLove – Compassion Training 3, on my blog, Throwing Back Tokens.

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